Peppered Pork Loin "Lonzo" by Cagette - 100g

฿110.00 THB

Discover the artisanal masterpiece that is Pork Loin Lonzo Cold Cuts, expertly crafted by Cagette's skilled chef using only the finest natural ingredients. This delicacy showcases the culinary artistry of preserving pork loin through traditional techniques, resulting in a flavor-rich and tender experience.

Crafted with Care: Our chef's dedication shines through in every slice of Pork Loin Lonzo Cold Cuts. Using time-honored methods, the pork loin is carefully cured and seasoned, then air-dried to perfection, creating a taste that's truly exceptional.

A Symphony of Flavor: Delight in the nuanced flavors of Pork Loin Lonzo, where the meat's natural essence is heightened by the expert blend of spi...